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Re-use, Recycle The French Way

While I was going to visit a friend in Montmartre after a day of shopping in the highly esteemed and well protected vintage shops of paris, I stumbled upon another way the french recycle and re-sell their old clothes/overstock: 3-6 euro free for all bins in this open walled store in Pigalle.  Women were violently rummaging through the bins in search of…well anything… I took this photo as it struck me as a huge juxtaposition of where I just was. It made me think of the different ways people value clothes and why some are destined for great worth and care and others tossed around like trash. Where do we draw the line? 

by Flora on

Flea Markets on a Sunday Afternoon!

One of my favorite things to do on a Sunday afternoon is rummage through the flea markets of L.A.  Whether it's the gigantic overwhelming Rosebowl market that happens once a month or the weekly fairfax flea market, I can always manage to scrounge up some awesome vintage finds. One mans trash is another ones gold they say. Here are my flea market finds from this past sunday! 

Two, said to be made in germany, art nouveau inspired vintage rings. 

A functioning old-timey telephone

What I love even more about these gold hued gems is that they remind me of my amazing fashionista grandma who undoubtedly inspired my path to the fashion world.