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The Embroideries Of Mexico

Mexican embroidery caught my eye as soon as I moved from NY to LA, the brightly colored flowers in cotton thread and on textured cloth feels festive but casual at the same time. The handmade feel to the garments adds the the charm and the feeling that each is unique, just heading to Olivera street for a touristy visit feels like a mini trip to Mexico.

The huipil is the most common here in Southern California, it is a sac type dress or top, generally a rectangle with embroidered folkloric tales. 

embroidery from Chiapas

garment from Ixtatan, amazing!

a Mayan woman in the market. I love the necklaces

what a beautiful poncho, the tassels are great.

What festive dress will you be wearing tonight?



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The Colors Of Peru

The traditional colonial peasant dresses of Peru combine rich color and hand woven textural cloths, I just adore them. The dirndle skirts feature colorful hand woven boarders often featuring geometric shapes which have a modern Missoni feel to them. 

The skirts are worn in various lengths and worn layered 3-4 or more at a time
the women wear brightly colored fitted tops under heavily embroidered jackets, many of the clothes are adorned with brightly colored pompoms. 
This double braid looks great
I have been looking for information on the origin of the tall felt hats but I have not found much, does anyone know what they are called?
more tomorrow, xx corey


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Eskimos In LA?

I saw this picture as I was researching festive dress and I couldn't pass it up. Eskimos were not on my list but then I thought why not, it may be every day attire for them and I can't think of a more chic way to brave 50 below temperatures. I love the shot found on Ozzu


The Inuit (eskimos as commonly called in Alaska) generally use animal skins (for obvious reasons) sewn together using needles made of animal bone. The mukluk boots are made of caribou or seal skin :( 




Not sure where my next stop will be tomorrow, stay tuned.



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Around The World: 5 Days Of Festive Dress

The big question is often what to wear for the holidays, I like to add a little touch of ethnic whenever I can as ethnic dress and traditional attire from around the world has always been a big inspiration to me. I did a little digging to get some ideas, it's a big world out there with loads to see so I am doing a 5 day costume tour from the comfort of my studio. No airline delays, no gross travel food, no luggage and best of all I can stay in my PJ's. 


Aesan Gede is traditional wedding costumes of South Sumatra Indonesia. The fabric is called songket and is woven with metallic threads, and jewels. I especially like the head dresses, they are so magical looking.

The bright colors and contrasting texture of the pompom against the soft metallic tones gave me some good ideas for the upcoming season.


Here is a home video of a traditional wedding ceremony


 These images reminded me of Malaysian costumes I have seen before.

Again the elaborate head dresses are fascinating, I bet they are great for your posture. No american slouching allowed. I'd be smiling too if I got to wear that.
More to come tomorrow, please share festive dress pictures with us.


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Christmas Kiss