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Interior Icon: Ann Getty

The Gettys have always represented luxury and style to me. Featured on Style Compass section, Ann Getty's San Francisco home does not disappoint. Clearly influenced by my top 3 interior icons, Elsie de Wolfe, Dorothy Draper and Tony Duquette (who's book sits on my night stand, littered with post-its) here are a few of my favorite images I chose  to remind me how beautiful organized clutter can be for those days when I wish oh so much Icould have been born a minimalist ;)

I adore the mix of green hues

Getty_C_pia_2_ Getty_C_pia_2_C_pia

Green again! And it makes this wall feel so modern, it is Ah-mazing. notice the chair fabric on the right, stunning and fresh!

I am a sucker for a chinoiserie vignette. the quartz carved fish, speachless. I think I feel some new clc home inspirations coming on……

xo Corey


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Poblano Escobar and his 400 rabbits...

It's been a stressful week here at the CLC studio, deciding whether or not to add lace to a dress to picking out fabrics and buttons does take its toll on a person, we are only human… so what better way to shake off the stress than to wash it down with a stiff drink in a dark bar and it can't be just any drink it has to look as good if not better than it taste…I mean we are in fashion!  

first stop was Association on 6th's dark, it's stylish, it's a block away from our studio!!!

after we wore out our welcome at Association we crawled across the street to Las Perlas where the decor was authentic, drinks are fancy and the menu is cardboard…

the 400 rabbits cocktail served with a shot of aspirin

and this is Poblano Escobar, he was our friend last night but today he is our foe

me and CLC…we chatted about India, our pets, her husbands upcoming art show and web cams…more on that later

so after parting ways, I was walking home and spotted this pop-up store on Spring and 6th called Gas'd station that carries only local LA designers and it has a little window that you can walk up to and they bring you whatever you want and you can just try it on right there on the street…so cute





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L.A. Times Image Catches Up With Corey

Los Angeles Times Image fashion editor Melissa Magsaysay caught up with Corey recently to find out what is new at CLC. See what Corey divulged and get a sneak peek at Spring 2011 here!


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Japanese Nail Art

I may be the last to know about this but in Japan they have created some of the most over the top 3D nail art imaginable. It even requires a special tools to have them, after all there is a lot that can't be done with these fancy fingers. There is a special can opener and I read that they have been using safety pins as a tool to help open and close buttons. There is said to be a special shampoo brush and automatic rice cleaner (now i could use that) all made to accommodate the fad. I myself stick with a basic nude, but i can appreciate suffering for fashion.

Giới trẻ Japanese Nail Art  1
Gotta love the Japanese dedication to fashion!

These are pretty cute, I am a sucker for black and white polka dots. CLC nail color… I am game! what's your favorite color???

For more wild creations check out

xo Corey

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Between the devil and the deep blue sea...

Ahoy matey!  Last week here at the CLC studio we tied the knot on our Resort 2010 collection by shooting a lookbook that will for sure have you feeling blue.  So whether you're in the mood for a little fly by night, take the wind out of his sails, leaving no room to swing a cat type of sea shanties or you just like to get footloose, over the barrel and even 3 sheets to the wind…dressing down in CLC is still first rate mate!  Here's a sneak peak of what's docking at a port near you in December.

Barbora fits the bill in this number

to know the ropes…

check back for my “DIY” tutorial on how you can make a pair of ropey knotted sandals

you better batten down the hatches if you're going out in this!

Chock-O-Blocked with cuteness

Lalajump thanks to Barbora, Nhat, David and of course the Captain herself Corey for an amazing shoot, now it's time to

splice the main brace and get groggy!